Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Victory for the Community

December 6, 2006

Good Morning Neighbor:

Fulton County has heard us and has had to courage to do the right thing by formally denying PSC their permit renewal as of December 22, 2006.  Therefore, this means that PSC can no longer use Fulton County's sewer system to dispose of their waste which by the way is 90% of their operation.  PSC says they will continue to operate by bringing in trucks and hauling the waste off to other places -  in order to do that they would need trucks lined up all down Hwy 92 and the expensive would be out of this world.  Also the City of Fairburn would then become involved and would never stand for trucks being line up all down their roads - by the way we will be meeting with Fairburn City Mgr. tomorrow to further discuss this issue as well among other items.

Let me assure all of you this is a huge a victory and we should celebrate and send our gratitude to Fulton County!!!!!!

It was wonderful to see everyone  last night - it truly was an awesome meeting.  I  do not think there are too many meetings like the one last night where you see people wanting to work together in such a strong way for the betterment of the community and I feel so blessed to be a part of something that will benefit so many people!!

Please email your thankfulness today to the Fulton County Commissioners and especially South Fulton Commissioner Bill Edwards for forging the way to make this happen.  I have included their email addresses below.

Now I am off to have a beautiful day in this Neighborhood!!!


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