Thursday, March 22, 2007

Our Published Story

Good Morning Neighbor:

Well, I guess no news is good news - no subpoena so far this week!!!

 I am excited to share with you the email and link below on an article that has been published about our community.  So much has happened even since the article was written - I got tired all over again just reading it.  I want to thank Cathy Strong our Task Force Media Chairman for her great work on this article and Laura Hepting from Beyond Pesticides for staying in constant touch with our story and sharing it in such a global way.  Our community is continually blessed to have so many wonderful people step up to the plate to help us make our voice heard.

Your neighbor,



Hi Connie,

Hope all is going well, especially the new developments. Glad to hear you like the article and hope it can be used as a tool for your community as well as ours.

Here's the link:

If anyone would like a hard copy, they can email or call us (202) 543-5450, and we will send out a complimentary copy. Everyone is welcome to try a free trial membership for 6 months as well and we certainly welcome anyone interested in membership. Thanks!


Beyond Pesticides will host its 25th National Pesticide Forum, Changing Course in a Changing Climate: Solutions for health and the environment, June 1-3 in Chicago, IL. Details:

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A Delay

> Good Morning Neighbor:
> I was served a document yesterday confirming a delay in my
> appearance for a deposition. On one hand, I breathed a sigh of
> relief and on the other hand I am more than ready to appear if that
> is what will kick start this case. It is obvious to me that PSC
> and AMVAC are doing everything they can to deny our community legal
> representation - their fear of the outcome of this case obviously
> runs very deep.
> I have also heard from Jeff Cown of the EPD who reports that the
> signs were changed at PSC due to their enforcement to distinguish
> the different areas of the plant. He also reports that they still
> have the State Permit and the EPD is overseeing cleanup and
> decontamination of the tanks that are no longer in use (we have
> been waiting for confirmation of this for a while).
> I cannot thank you all enough for your encouraging emails - your
> love and support is absolutely what sustains this community.
> Your Neighbor,
> Connie

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Entering a New Phase

> Good Morning Neighbor:
> Well, I must say I had a rude awakening Tuesday afternoon when I
> was served with a Subpoena. It appears that PSC and AMVAC have
> hired two high powered law firms (King and Spalding / Alston and
> Bird) - they would like every paper and every email I have ever
> touched and my personal appearance at their offices for a
> deposition. I think we should all take this as a huge validation
> as to the harm they have caused our community - they are definitely
> going to need these guys! (By the way, just for your information
> this is a Federal Law Suit.) The problem is of course that they
> will do anything to try to keep the truth from coming out but I am
> confident that the truth will prevail!!!! I now have legal
> counsel and from this point forward I am silenced regarding any
> legal activity due to this tenuous position. However, I will try
> to keep you all posted as much as possible and ask for your
> constant prayers and support as we enter this new phase of the battle.
> Thanks so much for being such a wonderful community of neighbors!!
> Connie