Thursday, September 27, 2007

Kid Reporter and Our Community

Good Morning Neighbor:

Virginia Lambert age 10 is now a kid reporter for TIME Magazine Online.  And, guess what she reported on and subsequently became one of 10 young reporters selected to write for TIME?  You guessed it - Our Community and the PSC Incident.

I am enclosing the article highlighting Virginia's work in The Citizen.  I look forward to receiving a copy of her story and with her parent's permission I will forward it to you as well.

What a gift to have a young person such as Virginia to care so much about her environment and the people of her community!!

Your Neighbor,


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The things we don’t know | The Citizen Online

Good Evening Neighbor:

What a great article by Ben Nelms - please take a moment to blog at the end of the article.  We need to let the community know we are still out there and still care about the environment!!

Your Neighbor,


Monday, September 17, 2007

Our Neighbors

Good Morning Neighbor:

I am writing this morning asking for your thoughts and prayers for our neighbor Clare Hindman and her family.  They have been informed by hospice that she is now in her last days.  As you all know, the Hindmans have been a vital part of the Task Force and no matter how ill Clare has been she still came out to the meetings to fight the fight.  She has made sure that PSC knows in a very real way what has been done to us all.  She and Earl have been true Heroes - not just in words but in action.  

Also, another dear neighbor, Tracy Robinson passed away from Lung Cancer a little over a week ago.  She has been one of those behind the scenes vital neighbors who wrote many letters to Government officials on our behalf.  She was in her early 40s and will be greatly missed!!!  

Many Blessings To All of My Neighbors,


Constance Thomas Biemiller, Chairman
South Fulton and Fayette Community Task Force

Friday, September 07, 2007

The Community Voice

> Good Morning Neighbor:
> I want to introduce you to a new website that I recently placed on
> the internet . I have been so blessed to be
> able to learn so much about the Fayette and South Fulton area over
> the past year and now that I am running for office, I needed to
> find someway to hear on a regular basis from our community. Please
> view this internet channel and click the Forum tab and place your
> vote on different topics or give a full comment. It is very
> important to me to hear your opinion!!! I will continually gather
> the information collected on this site and send it to elected
> officials and government agencies that need to hear our voice as a
> community.
> I recently posted the Plutonium article and want to get your vote
> and comments on this subject. I want to thank Judith Moore - one
> of our great neighbors - for alerting us to this article. We have
> several great neighbors who are checking to see if the plutonium is
> being transported via rail or interstate. I am hearing many
> concerns with regard to possible terrorist attacks during the
> transport.
> I look forward to hearing from you!!!!
> Your neighbor,
> Connie

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Plutonium shipments may roll through Georgia |

Hi Neighbor:

Please read this article!!  Just as it was not okay that Alabama sent their toxic waste here - surely something like this should not be brought through our State putting us at risk as well.  Surely they have to get approval through the GA DOT.  Do we have some volunteers to find out where and how this will be transported??

Let me know.

Your concerned neighbor,


Sunday, September 02, 2007

Turn your backyard barbecue green

Good Afternoon Neighbor:

I was just reading some online articles and came across this one and thought it may be of interest this Labor Day weekend.  I think you will be especially interested in the last paragraph on DEET.

Have a safe and wonderful Labor Day and don't forget our Task Force meeting this Thursday at 7pm!

Your Neighbor,