Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Thinking Spring

> Good Morning Neighbor:
> Yes, the Task Force is already thinking about Spring and beyond for
> many exciting reasons. We continue to develop our strategic plan
> which includes changing existing laws in our State that allow for
> other states to dump their toxins here. If you are available to do
> some computer research please let me know, we have many topics that
> need to be explored. Also, our community's story will be
> featured in the Spring publications of "Beyond Pesticides" and the
> "Atlanta Magazine".
> There has still been no confirmation with regard to the New Jersey
> connection but will keep you posted.
> Have an awesome day,
> Connie
> P.S. I witnessed the birth of another awesome neighborhood
> organization the other night "The Peachtree City Civic
> Association". The homeowners are coming together to make sure
> their elected officials follow through with a planned community
> vision. They are concerned about many environmental topics that
> rapid growth would create. (Never forget our community is a
> testament to what people can do and we can share this vision with
> so many others. Who would have thought that what has sprung up
> here would filter out and have such a positive impact on so many.)

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