Thursday, January 18, 2007


November 15, 2006
> Hi neighbors:
> Wanted to let you know that Channel Two will be airing a segment
> tonight on the ongoing illness in our area - it should air between
> 6:30 and 7:00pm.
> Also, Bethany United Methodist Church - where we hold our meetings
> - would like to invite everyone to a community Thanksgiving service
> this Sunday at 7:00 PM, with refreshments to follow. All are
> welcomed! I know I plan to attend and give thanks for all the
> great works that are happening and about to happen in our community!!
> I went before the Fulton County Commissioners today and I feel
> confident that they plan to do the right thing and not renew the
> Pre-treatment Permit. I made them aware that PSC is absolutely not
> doing the right thing and that our citizens continue to have
> physical harm inflicted upon them by this company. Which moves me
> to ask that if you are a prayerful person please hold our community
> close to your heart - we have so many that are acutely ill right now!!
> Blessings to all,
> Connie

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