Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Friday was a Special Day

> Good Morning Neighbor:
> Last Friday was a very special day in two significant ways. First,
> the Task Force awarded Ben Nelms with The Ben Nelms Award for
> Excellence in Environmental Journalism. This award will be given
> annually to a writer who exudes the investigative qualities of Ben
> - one who dares to speak truth to power in order to protect the
> health and welfare of the community. I know many of you may wish
> to thank Ben for all he has done and continues to do to highlight
> the harm to our community - his email address is
> Finally, part two to Friday was a call from our neighbor Earl
> Hindman that the PSC sign was begin dug up by workers at the
> plant. On Monday the sign was replaced with a new sign saying "PSC
> Offices". I placed a called to Jeff Cown of the EPD to find out
> what may be taking place and he promised to investigate and get
> back with me. We are hoping that this truly means no more
> operations at this site. Neighbors have been reporting that they
> see fewer trucks going in and out of the property - in fact many of
> the same trucks just keep sitting there. I hope to have news soon
> on this front!!
> Have a great day,
> Connie

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Attorney Information

> Good Morning Neighbor:
> Many of you have emailed regarding having not received a call yet
> from the attorney's office. We have now realized they are calling
> people in alphabetical order so it may be a while before some you
> are called. The attorney overseeing the interviews is Kasey Sturm
> of Stack & Associates. She works out of their Savannah office -
> her number is 912-598-9724 - her email is
> A small group from our task force will be speaking to the Fayette
> County Commissioners tonight to share our concerns about the last
> 10% operation of PSC - we feel even this operation endangers the
> Fayette County water system and seek to have that formally noted.
> Your Neighbor,
> Connie

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Depositions begin tomorrow

> Hi again Neighbors:
> Just an update to my earlier email. Lina Pitts who lives right
> behind PSC who has been instrumental in forming the class action
> lawsuit has sent the message below.
> Connie
> The class representatives will start depositions as early as
> tomorrow and we really do represent everyone. Please say a special
> prayer for us tonight that we can represent our community well in
> our reponses. Thank you. Please pass on. Lina Pitts

Happy Valentine's Day!!

> Good morning neighbor:
> I wish for you a beautiful and awe inspiring day!!
> I know many of you are beginning to get calls from the Law offices
> of Stack and Associates. This is the environmental law firm that
> has been brought in by attorney Scott Zahler to work on our
> community's behalf. Please call them back if they have left
> messages - the class action law suit is to be certified this March
> so it is critical that they have your information. They maybe
> leaving a 912 area code when they call because their Savannah
> office is working on our case as well.
> I really feel that our case is going to have far reaching
> implications that impact this company not only locally but
> nationally. So keep telling your story and do not forget to share
> your story or concerns on our website at
> Your neighbor,
> Connie

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Another great Organization has been born!

Good Morning Neighbor:

As I am sitting here typing, the Sun is coming out and it is looking like a beautiful day!  I am so very thankful that this spring and summer we will actually be able to enjoy the outdoors.  We will stop at nothing to make sure that the final door is locked at PSC and the Task Force is working hard behind the scenes to make sure that their last 10% of functioning is no longer in business.

I am sure many of you remember in November just before Thanksgiving the Task Force was notified that there was raw sewage spilled at Landmark Mobile home community.  Our efforts combined with the efforts of the residents resulted in immediate safety issues being addressed.  Since that time, one of our dedicated Task Force Members "Kee" Sierra Leone who lives in that community has established along with her neighbors The Alliance for Safe and Healthy Communities.  They are coordinating efforts with other Mobile Home and Neighborhood Communities to make sure that homeowner rights are taken seriously.  Kee has asked that anyone who would like to be a part of their effort please email her and she will gladly keep you updated regarding scheduled meetings and other important information.  Her email address is - I am enclosing her most recent letter below.

Have a wonderful day!

Your neighbor,


Alliance for Safe and Healthy Communities


We had a good meeting this past week and 3 new neighbors joined us.  We met at the Peachtree City Library on Hwy 54 in Peachtree City. 

We discussed many things that concerned us and the most effective way to go about dealing with them.  The group decided to get a post office box so that letters can be sent out to address immediate issues like the mail boxes and correspondence could be received.

ASHC decided to continue to work with the county in their efforts; we have asked for a meeting with them, which they welcomed and hopefully the EMC of Fayette will join us to discuss some other issue and concerns that residents have.

The next meeting will be, Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2007 at 7:00 p.m. at the Peachtree City Library.  If you live in a MH park or next to one, please come out and join us.