Monday, April 30, 2007


> Good Morning Neighbor:
> I hope you had a beautiful weekend!!! We need many beautiful
> weekends to make up for all we lost last summer!!!
> I am attaching a letter that is very alarming and once again
> underlines the dangers of the chemical Ethoprop. To think that we
> were exposed for months to this deadly chemical is beyond my
> understanding. The laws must change in Georgia - right now our
> State does not even recognize Pesticides as a hazardous chemical
> therefore allowing these "Non-Hazardous" sites such as PSC to
> process it. Our Task Force will be pursuing ways in the coming
> months to begin the conversation with legislators to change these
> antiquated laws. I will also forward the following information to
> the Class Action Attorneys - the data given below substantiates the
> harm the Bayer Corporation has brought to our community.
> Your neighbor,
> Connie
>> April 27, 2007
>> This Open Letter calls on Bayer Corporation to immediately stop
>> trading with highly toxic pesticides. It will be handed over to
>> Bayer´s management on their Annual Shareholder Meeting today. The
>> letter was signed by 154 organizations from 35 countries and by
>> more than 2.600 individuals (see full list at: http://www.eine-

>> OffenerBrief_Bayer_deutsch.pdf).
>> Open letter to Bayer AG: Stop the sale of highly poisonous
>> pesticides immediately!
>> Dear Mr. Wenning, chairman of the board,
>> we, the signatories to this letter, call upon the Bayer AG to
>> phase out immediately all pesticide products in all countries of
>> the world which were classified from the World Health Organisation
>> (WHO) as extremly hazardous (1a) and highly hazardous (1b).
>> Despite your announcement in Bayer´s business report of 1995 to
>> stop the sale of all pesticides of the hazard category 1a and 1b
>> until the year 2000, Bayer AG continues to sell such pesticides in
>> developing countries.
>> Activists have requested since the year 2000 to terminate those
>> sales. Regardless of this criticism and your promise, Bayer is
>> still selling pesticides with the following active substances:
>> Ethoprop (1a), Methyl Parathion (1b), Methamidophos (1b),
>> Triazophos (1b) Thiodicarb (1a), Oxydemeton-Methyl (1b),
>> Fenamiphos (1b) and Azinphos-Methyl (1b)
>> (, 20th of march 2007).
>> This is in contradiction to Bayer's own ambition expressed in the
>> sustainability report 2005: "We aim to acquire a leading
>> technological and economic position in our industrial sector as
>> well as setting standards in environmental protection and social
>> commitment".
>> The World Health Organisation estimates the number of persons who
>> are poisoned annually at 3[1] to 25[2] million. 200 000 people
>> commit suicide using pesticides and more than 40 000 people are
>> killed accidentally by pesticides every year. The estimated number
>> of unreported cases is much higher[3].
>> According to the Bayer AG your company has a world market share in
>> pesticides of 20%. Cases of poisoning could be reduced
>> significantly by the cessation of the sale of class 1 pesticides.
>> The active ingredients are not only dangerous for the direct
>> users. Residues of toxins in spices, tea, fruits, vegetables, meat
>> and textiles harm also consumers.
>> We call on you: Keep your promise and stop the sale of highly
>> poisonous pesticides!
>> An initiative of: Eine Welt Netz NRW (One World Network of North
>> Rhine-Westphalia)
>> Supported by: Coalition against Bayer dangers (CBG) and Pesticide
>> Action Network Germany (PAN Germany)
>> Coalition against BAYER Dangers (Germany)
>> Fax: (+49) 211-333 940 Tel: (+49) 211-333 911
>> please send an e-mail for receiving the English newsletter Keycode
>> BAYER free of charge. German/Italian/French/Spanish newsletters
>> also available.
>> Advisory Board
>> Prof. Juergen Junginger, designer, Krefeld,
>> Prof. Dr. Juergen Rochlitz, chemist, former member of the
>> Bundestag, Burgwald
>> Wolfram Esche, attorney, Cologne
>> Dr. Sigrid Müller, pharmacologist, Bremen
>> Eva Bulling-Schroeter, member of the Bundestag, Berlin
>> Prof. Dr. Anton Schneider, biologist, Neubeuern
>> Dorothee Sölle, theologian, Hamburg (died 2003)
>> Dr. Janis Schmelzer, historian, Berlin
>> Dr. Erika Abczynski, pediatrician, Dormagen
>> [1] Public health impact of pesticides used in agriculture, UNEP,
>> FAO, 1990
>> [2] Jeyaratnam J. Acute pesticide poisoning: a major global health
>> problem. World Health Statistics Quarterly 43(3), 139-144, 1990.
>> [3] I LO (2000): International Labour Conference, Report VI
>> (1):Safety and health in Agriculture), 88th Session, 30 May-15
>> June 2000, International Labour Organization, Geneva.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Interagency Meeting

Good Morning Neighbor:

Our Task Force met with representatives from Fulton County, Fayette County, State Dept. of Health and the Environmental Protection Division.   It was a very productive meeting and I could not be more proud of our Task Force.  The knowledge and expertise that our group has amassed over the past 10 months is overwhelming.  One item that we will need to address as a community is the State Health Report that will be presented in draft form to us in the coming weeks.  The DOH assures us that we will be able to make public comment on this before it is put in final form.  It will be imperative that we make our voices heard because this report is very likely to have many errors.  We must also keep the pressure on the DOH to follow our community on a long term basis due to the long term physical maladies that can occur due to persistent chemical exposure over a three month period.  Needless to say, I will keep you informed.

On a lighter note, my children now think I am cool because I am on You Tube.  Evidently, The Citizen Newspaper now has video included on their website of various reports.   Ben Nelms wrote an article regarding the Westmoreland Town Hall meeting - I will copy it to this email and the video as well.  However, as you will see there is nothing cool about any of this.

Your Neighbor,


Monday, April 09, 2007

Westmoreland Town Hall Mtg.

> Good Morning Neighbor:
> I attended Cong. Westmoreland's Town Hall meeting last Tuesday and
> left there astonished as did many in the crowd. I had my hand
> raised for at least 45 minutes as others were having their
> questions or statements responded to. I was finally called on at
> the very end - I told the Congressman that we were aware that the
> Congress would be holding hearings soon with regard to the
> inadequacies of the EPA and that we ask the Congressman to take a
> stand on our behalf with regard to how the EPA has failed us. I
> reiterated that many of our residents may not be physically ill
> today if the EPA had responded and truly protected the health and
> welfare of the community. The Congressman did not utter one word -
> he just stood there shaking his head as if to hear me but nothing
> came out of his mouth. After a few moments of awkward silence, he
> ended the meeting. People in attendance came up to me afterwards
> sharing their concern for our plight and apologizing for the
> Congressman's behavior.
> This is not a Republican or Democrat issue - this is about real
> people and real harm and it is time for Congressman Westmoreland to
> make a public stand for what is right. I really fear not only for
> our community but the other communities that he represents because
> this is not a man who is willing to serve for a higher purpose but
> one that serves for his own welfare and benefit. Our Task Force
> has met with his staff via phone and in person to make him aware of
> the dangers to the people he represents and yet he will not defend
> us. He has a real opportunity and is in a position of power to
> make a positive impact but that would mean he would have to step
> out of his comfort zone. We are all called at different points in
> our lives to step out of our comfort zones - I was reminded just
> yesterday on Easter Sunday that I follow One who constantly compels
> me to do so.
> Your neighbor,
> Connie

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Congressman Westmoreland

> Good Morning Neighbor:
> I am just returning from a short trip and catching up on my
> emails. Please see the email below - I think it is so important
> that we make our voice heard whenever possible. Congressman
> Westmoreland needs to be reminded that the EPA failed our community
> and that there must be changes in the way it operates. One clear
> example is that when the EPA was notified in late June of this
> event they were able to have the DOT hold the tankers that were
> returning to Axis, Alabama and at that moment the contents could
> have been tested. They would have immediately known that our
> community was being exposed to hazardous chemicals and emergency
> steps could have been taken to shutdown the plant - not allowing
> our poisoning another day. But, as we all know this did not happen
> - instead we were exposed for weeks and weeks to come and now many
> in our community are suffering the physical consequences.
> I realize this is short notice but your presence always makes a
> difference!!!
> Your neighbor,
> Connie
> Atlanta Journal-Constitution
> Published on: 03/29/07
> U.S. Rep. Lynn Westmoreland will hold a town hall meeting from 5:30
> to 7 p.m. Tuesday, April 3, at the Fayette County Government
> Building meeting room, 140 Stonewall Ave., Fayetteville.
> All 3rd Congressional District constituents are welcome to attend
> and ask questions. Topics will include the Iraq war spending bill,
> which sets a timetable for withdrawal of troops, and the Democrats'
> budget plans