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People are Suffering

November 13, 2006

Hi Neighbors:

I continue to forward your stories so keep sending them.  Also,  I want you to know that John Stacy of Congressman Westmoreland's office went out to the PSC facility on Friday - November 10 to investigate.  He reports not smelling anything at that time (of course the problem here is that they are processing these chemicals at night allowing us to breathe them in while we sleep).  Mr. Stacy has asked that I keep him informed so if by chance you start smelling the onions or chemical smell the day, please email or call me at 770-314-6999 so I can contact him immediately.  

Your neighbor,


Begin forwarded message:

From: Constance Biemiller <>
Date: November 13, 2006 8:51:49 AM EST
To: City of Fayetteville, DHR, DNR, EPA, EPD, Fairburn City Council, Fayette Commissioners, Fulton Commissioners, GA House, GA Senate, Governor's Office, House of Rep, PTC Council, Senate, Tyrone Council, Union Cty Council
Cc: Media
Subject: People are Suffering

November 12, 2006

My fourteen year old son came home for the weekend.
The blood was back in his urine by Saturday

Cathy Strong
Fayetteville, GA

(Note:  This child has had to be moved away from his home due to ongoing illness from the chemicals emitted from PSC)

12 Nov 2006


I smelled the odor early one day this past week, I believe it was Wednesday.


Robert E. Smith
560 Janice Drive
Fayetteville, GA

November 12, 2006

Kim has been back this week to the specialist for the severe asthma that she never had until May this year. She was put back on antibiotics and steroids and several sprays the week before by her GP and referred back to the specialist. She simply can't breathe. She is 100% better when away from home for several hours. She has had test at Ga Lung Associates and we are seeing another specialist there in 2 weeks. She had NO problems before May and the onions!


I have had the severe leg and feet cramps again past 4 days. First time in 6 weeks. It was daily back in May, June and July. But now it's sporadic. I also have the severe nausea almost daily again. I have been so lethargic past 5 days could not get enough sleep. But was OK when gone from home several hours.


The dogs are the same lethargic and will not go out again past 4 or 5 days.


I have a chemical smell at times when the onion smell is not there. It was real bad Thursday night. I had to sit up all night with cramps and nausea. Kim could not breathe and had juts had a breathing treatment that afternoon at doctors she was OK till we were home and the smell came back.


George Nicholson


7985 Spence Rd
Fairburn, Ga 30213
770-964-9403 Home
770-310-3585 Local cell

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