Thursday, January 18, 2007

Town Hall Meeting

December 2, 2006

> Good Morning Neighbors:
> I want to remind everyone that we only have a few days before the
> big meeting. It is crucial that we all be there - many
> announcements are going to be made that IMPACT OUR LIVES. There
> will be plenty of question and answer time and trust me you are
> going to want to be a part of the conversation!!!
> Please print out the flyer I sent and put it in your neighborhood
> this weekend - also I have extra printed and will be glad to get
> them to you. We also have over a THOUSAND people to call before
> Tuesday so we desperately need your help in this area - if you
> could call 20 people that would be a great help. Please email or
> call me at 770-314-6999.
> I cannot stress enough of the importance of what we are doing and
> the weight Tuesday night is going to carry - we need a reenactment
> of our meeting at Bethany in July - there needs to be standing room
> only!!!
> Your neighbor,
> Connie

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