Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Final Day

December 22, 2006

> Hi Neighbor:
> I know it is raining outside but it looks beautiful to me!!! The
> more and more I talk to people who understand the function of this
> pre-treatment permit - the more I understand that there is no way
> PSC can continue to function after midnight tonight. There is only
> one legal way to function and that is to bring in tankers to ship
> the water back out once it has been treated and the expense to that
> would be astronomical!!
> We are so very blessed as a community and I hope that one day we
> can join with the former workers of PSC (who we all know must be
> very ill) so that we can give them any resources and contacts that
> we have acquired for their future health care issues.
> Have a blessed day - I know I am!!!
> Connie

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