Thursday, January 18, 2007

Conversation with EPD

November 10, 2006


I spoke with Matt Springer of the EPD this morning and he tells me it is vital that every time you smell a strange smell that you call  their 800 number.  They are attempting to build a case against this company and they need this documentation.  I am pasting the link below because we also need to document this with Poison Control and our local Emergency Management Agency.

Also, I need your recent stories regarding the smell, illness, pet illness etc. to place on our website and to send to the EPD ect.....  You might think your story is small but they all have merit and add up to the big picture.  We must make the authorities realize that this company is refusing to quit - in fact they are now processing these chemicals at night hoping to get away with it -  so be sure to go outdoors at different times of the evening and if you smell anything call the authorities.  Also, please tell your neighbors of these reporting procedures - not everyone has email and it is vital that everyone's voice is heard.

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