Thursday, January 18, 2007

Media Committee Needs Your Help

December 10, 2006

> Hi Neighbor:
> Cathy Strong - Chairman of the Media Committee reports that she
> needs your help!! They are making a video-documentary of this
> event and would like to film your stories. They will be filming
> tomorrow 12-11-06 and at other times during the week. Please email
> or call her to let her know that you are available to give your
> story as an individual or a family. Please see her attachment
> below - her email address is
> Thanks for all of your help,
> Connie
> Could you please send a general email to "your list" referring them
> to my email and phone if they'd like to do an interview?
> We'll fit in anyone that we can on Monday, even if we have to go
> into the afternoon hours.
> Anyone who cannot get here on Monday will be scheduled later, but
> we will get to everyone who is interested.
> Thanks
> Cathy
> 770-306-1200

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