Thursday, November 01, 2007


Good Evening Neighbor:

I am pasting a Letter to the Editor sent to The Citizen Newspaper that I hope will be printed.  If you feel so moved after reading my letter, please write emails to the following - (FEMA Fraud Line) - (Sen. Saxby Chambliss) - (Rep. Lynn Westmoreland)- (Rep. David Scott).  Also, I have posted the video of the Fake News Conference on my website 

Thanks for being such a wonderful community!!

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FEMA Actions Validates the Mistrust of Government Officials

As one who has had the daunting task of wrestling with government officials over the past year in order to make sure our local environment was safe to live in once again, I must say the words I kept hearing from our community have rang so true, "you cannot trust our government".  It is difficult to empower citizens to truly know that they can make a difference when a government agency such as FEMA feels so powerful that they feel they can hold a fake news conference.  We as a society must not let this pass by without truly seeing how out of control our government has become.  Is it true that we now have a government who feels they are not held accountable to the people?  It certainly appears this is now the norm.

I for one refuse to let this be true and I know for a fact that the South Fulton and Fayette Community refuse this state as well.  The balance of power between the government and the citizen must be restored.  A true democracy must be one that is steered by the citizen not the fear of lost power by their government officials.  I urge our community not to let this moment pass by – please take a moment and write or email your congressional leader and let them know that you – A Citizen of a Democracy  - will not stand for this and wish to see that your voice is restored to its rightful place  - FIRST!

Connie Biemiller
Candidate - Georgia House of Representatives District 66

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