Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Friday was a Special Day

> Good Morning Neighbor:
> Last Friday was a very special day in two significant ways. First,
> the Task Force awarded Ben Nelms with The Ben Nelms Award for
> Excellence in Environmental Journalism. This award will be given
> annually to a writer who exudes the investigative qualities of Ben
> - one who dares to speak truth to power in order to protect the
> health and welfare of the community. I know many of you may wish
> to thank Ben for all he has done and continues to do to highlight
> the harm to our community - his email address is
> Finally, part two to Friday was a call from our neighbor Earl
> Hindman that the PSC sign was begin dug up by workers at the
> plant. On Monday the sign was replaced with a new sign saying "PSC
> Offices". I placed a called to Jeff Cown of the EPD to find out
> what may be taking place and he promised to investigate and get
> back with me. We are hoping that this truly means no more
> operations at this site. Neighbors have been reporting that they
> see fewer trucks going in and out of the property - in fact many of
> the same trucks just keep sitting there. I hope to have news soon
> on this front!!
> Have a great day,
> Connie

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