Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!!

> Good morning neighbor:
> I wish for you a beautiful and awe inspiring day!!
> I know many of you are beginning to get calls from the Law offices
> of Stack and Associates. This is the environmental law firm that
> has been brought in by attorney Scott Zahler to work on our
> community's behalf. Please call them back if they have left
> messages - the class action law suit is to be certified this March
> so it is critical that they have your information. They maybe
> leaving a 912 area code when they call because their Savannah
> office is working on our case as well.
> I really feel that our case is going to have far reaching
> implications that impact this company not only locally but
> nationally. So keep telling your story and do not forget to share
> your story or concerns on our website at
> Your neighbor,
> Connie

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