Thursday, March 08, 2007

Entering a New Phase

> Good Morning Neighbor:
> Well, I must say I had a rude awakening Tuesday afternoon when I
> was served with a Subpoena. It appears that PSC and AMVAC have
> hired two high powered law firms (King and Spalding / Alston and
> Bird) - they would like every paper and every email I have ever
> touched and my personal appearance at their offices for a
> deposition. I think we should all take this as a huge validation
> as to the harm they have caused our community - they are definitely
> going to need these guys! (By the way, just for your information
> this is a Federal Law Suit.) The problem is of course that they
> will do anything to try to keep the truth from coming out but I am
> confident that the truth will prevail!!!! I now have legal
> counsel and from this point forward I am silenced regarding any
> legal activity due to this tenuous position. However, I will try
> to keep you all posted as much as possible and ask for your
> constant prayers and support as we enter this new phase of the battle.
> Thanks so much for being such a wonderful community of neighbors!!
> Connie

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