Sunday, February 22, 2009

Environmental Giving

Good Morning Neighbor:

As some of you may know, something very dear to my heart is providing mental health services to those who are most in need (those that suffer from schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, post traumatic stress disorder and severe depression resulting in suicide attempts and hospitalization, etc..)  With State cutbacks, we have been at risk of not being able to provide these services in Fayette County but most recently the community has come together and has a commitment to provide a rent-free building for these services.  The building is now being constructed - please see the article and video below - it is truly amazing to see people from all over coming together to make a huge difference in lives of people they do not even know.

As the building is being constructed, the Board Directors of the Environmental Institute of Georgia has decided to solicit donations from the environmental community to supply green components to the building such as low VOC paints, lighting sensors, recycling units etc....  Mr. Bill Holland - an environmental architect and who serves on the board - offered his services free of charge sometime ago to look over the building plans and made a wonderful list of possibilities to incorporate if possible during the construction.  So please look at the attachments regarding this build and see where you might be of benefit.  You can go online to make your donation at mail in a check - mark your donation "environmental".

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