Thursday, December 20, 2007


My Dear Sweet Neighbors:

I cannot think of finer gift than the last paragraph written by Derrick Williams of the Environmental Protection Division.  

God Bless us all during this Season where Light Always Radiates in Darkness - though we despair and do not think it is there - it really is!!!!!!!!

Your neighbor,


Subject: Re: RE - Your Check of PSC Records

Hi Connie,

Last week I received two calls from Ms.Joyce Conner.  Ms Connor reported a strong chemical odor and request that someone from EPD go to PSC and check the odor out.  On December 12th, I sent two engineers to PSC.  They conducted an inspection of the facility and did not smell any strong chemical odors.  On December 13th, Ms Connors called me at 7:45 a.m. and reported a strong chemical odor that was killing her.  I arrived at PSC at 8:30 a.m.  I walked around the entire facility.  I did not smell any strong chemical odors.  I did smell sawdust and a used oil type of odor at the solidification pit.  I reviewed the in coming loads at PSC for the past week.  I wrote down the descriptions from the waste profile sheet for incoming loads for December 11th and 12th.  No loads were received yet on the 13th.  I call Ms. Connors from PSC and asked if she could still smell the chemical odor and she said yes.  I got directions from Ms. Connor and drove to her house.  We met in her driveway.  She said that she could still smell the chemical odor.  I could not smell anything.  The wind was blowing from Ms. Connor's house toward PSC so the chemical smell that Ms. Connor was smelling was not coming from PSC.  I did go over the waste loads that were received by PSC over the two prior days with Ms. Connor.  She requested that EPD continue to keep a close eye on PSC.  

Incoming waste loads for December 11th were waste water sludge from centrifuging oil reclamation process (10% oil/30-40% water/50 - 60 % inorganic solids), grease trap waste, oil/water separator sludge, soil from gas tank monitoring well installation and latex paint.

In coming waste loads for December 12th were filter cake from laundry, heel rinse containing latex, resin, & polymers (I reviewed the analytical data - not hazardous waste), off-specification Sunny Delight, grease trap waste, and oil/water separator sludge.

While at the PSC facility, I talked with Mr. Jesse Tiffany ( Location Manager).  He reported to me that PSC recently laid-off nine employees.  PSC plans to decommission the solidification pit in January.  The solidification pit will be closed, backfilled and grassed in February.  PSC's business has greatly diminished.  PSC's future plans are to continue to service their customers by bring in small loads of solid waste in containers and shipping out the solid waste when they accumulate a full truck load.  The solid waste will be containerized and there will not be any processing.

I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas!  - Derrick

Unit Coordinator
Atlanta Tradeport, Suite 104
4244 International Parkway
Atlanta, Georgia 30354
Office (404) 362-4512

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