Friday, August 10, 2007

City of Fairburn Public Comment

Good Morning Neighbor:

As you all are aware, I am quite big on letting the Citizen's Voice be Heard and Monday Night is a prime opportunity for you to show your concern.  The Fairburn City Council wants to hear from the public with regard to bringing a Transfer Station into the City.  What is a transfer station?  Well this one will be a station that garbage trucks bring the trash from your house and many others to be sorted and washed down and then moved to other very large trucks and taken to various landfills.  I had the luxury of visiting one not long ago - it was a very busy station and boy did it stink!!  I had great concern for the people who live very close to the station  - one neighbor I spoke with says she cannot have guests over for dinner due to the foul odors because it comes through her air conditioning unit as well.  There are obviously no laws with regard as to how close a transfer station can be to a residence.  Also, the streets were very cracked and therefore caused major cracks in peoples driveways due to the heavy trucks going in and out.

In the big picture, we must all think about what to do with our trash!!  I think the City of Fairburn could be one of the first in Georgia to become an Urban Green Community and with both the citizens and elected officials coming together to think long-term there will be nothing but good to come of this.  Please take a moment and go to and start thinking about how you want your community to look.

I look forward to seeing you Monday night at Fairburn City Hall at 7pm.

Your Neighbor,


Constance Thomas Biemiller, Chairman
South Fulton and Fayette Community Task Force

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