Thursday, May 24, 2007

Pesticide Forum

Good Morning Neighbor:

I know that not too many people would be excited to attend a Pesticide Forum in Chicago but I am thrilled.  Our Governing Board has decided to send April Butler, Vice Chairman and myself to this event the first weekend of June.  I guess you could say we do not get out much - all kidding aside though - this is an awesome opportunity to find as many ways possible to help our community.  Many of us will have ongoing health problems due to long-term exposure to the pesticide "Ethoprop" and it is imperative that we become well informed by people who have this specific expertise.   I am enclosing the speaker list so that you might see all of the well educated Pesticide Activists that we will be connecting with at this forum.  Our Governing Board was blessed recently with a donation from a local Family Foundation and a small portion of these funds are being used for our attendance at this event.   

Have an awesome day!

Your neighbor,


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