Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day Announcement

Good Morning Neighbor:

I could not think of a finer day to make the announcement that I plan
on running for State Representative of District 66. This is a day
when we remember all those who have gone before us - ones that often
made a sacrifice of their very life so that the American Citizen's
Voice might always be heard. This is the very reason I am so
compelled to run for office. Our voices are not being heard!!! I
have yet to see our present representative, Virgil Fludd, step up to
the plate. At every town hall meeting, our Task Force has invited
him to take the podium but not once has he even called us in between
times to see how things were going. As I see it, he should have
wanted to take our fight everywhere possible - legislation, public
press conferences etc....

I continue to be driven by the Spirit to do the right thing and I
feel I would be remiss to not take this next step if I thought it
could make a huge difference for our community. In all the many
meetings I have been involved in, it has become more and more clear
that legislation must take place on a State level. We actually do
not even have a law that classifies pesticides as a hazardous
material - no wonder other states feel free to dump theirs here. I
feel if I do not go and do something nothing will get done and we
cannot sit back and allow this to happen to another community in
Georgia - let alone take a chance on a repeat here.

I pray that each and every one of you will join this effort with me.
I can only do this with your support!! Money I do not have but
courage and strength I do!! So it will be by word of mouth and the
spirit of our community that will send me to the capitol in November
2008. I hope you will join my email list at and go to the website that my 14 year
old son just set up for me at

I look forward to your response!!!!

Your neighbor,


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