Saturday, May 26, 2007

Health Consultation

Good Afternoon Neighbor:

Exactly one year ago this weekend many in our community were unable to grill outside due to the strong onion-like odor in the air.  Thank God many chose not to continue with their cooking outside; however, others like myself were celebrating their child's graduation from high school and held a big barbecue with invited friends.  How tragic to know now that my family and my friends were breathing in a pesticide that could have life altering effects.   This being said - it is ironic that the State Department of Health has just published their final health consultation regarding these events in our community.  I could absolutely weep for hours at their lack of care for our community.  As you will see in the report I have attached below, they are only focusing on the odor and they are only listening to PSC not to what the citizens have so adamantly proclaimed as to illness and our dates of poisoning.  I have just spent several hours outdoors today - rejoicing that a Cardinal has found a home outside my bedroom window because the birds are now free to return but I am so saddened that our government that we pay for will not take a stand to protect us and believe our words before they believe one of a corporate entity.    I am enclosing my remarks below that will be published in The Citizen Newspaper today and in the coming weeks.  Be assured that our Governing Board is writing a very, very strong rebuttal to this report and that we will have another Town Hall Meeting in the very near future so that we can all come together and express our horror at the lack of concern with regard to our Ethoprop Poisoning.

Your neighbor,


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