Monday, April 09, 2007

Westmoreland Town Hall Mtg.

> Good Morning Neighbor:
> I attended Cong. Westmoreland's Town Hall meeting last Tuesday and
> left there astonished as did many in the crowd. I had my hand
> raised for at least 45 minutes as others were having their
> questions or statements responded to. I was finally called on at
> the very end - I told the Congressman that we were aware that the
> Congress would be holding hearings soon with regard to the
> inadequacies of the EPA and that we ask the Congressman to take a
> stand on our behalf with regard to how the EPA has failed us. I
> reiterated that many of our residents may not be physically ill
> today if the EPA had responded and truly protected the health and
> welfare of the community. The Congressman did not utter one word -
> he just stood there shaking his head as if to hear me but nothing
> came out of his mouth. After a few moments of awkward silence, he
> ended the meeting. People in attendance came up to me afterwards
> sharing their concern for our plight and apologizing for the
> Congressman's behavior.
> This is not a Republican or Democrat issue - this is about real
> people and real harm and it is time for Congressman Westmoreland to
> make a public stand for what is right. I really fear not only for
> our community but the other communities that he represents because
> this is not a man who is willing to serve for a higher purpose but
> one that serves for his own welfare and benefit. Our Task Force
> has met with his staff via phone and in person to make him aware of
> the dangers to the people he represents and yet he will not defend
> us. He has a real opportunity and is in a position of power to
> make a positive impact but that would mean he would have to step
> out of his comfort zone. We are all called at different points in
> our lives to step out of our comfort zones - I was reminded just
> yesterday on Easter Sunday that I follow One who constantly compels
> me to do so.
> Your neighbor,
> Connie

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