Friday, April 20, 2007

Interagency Meeting

Good Morning Neighbor:

Our Task Force met with representatives from Fulton County, Fayette County, State Dept. of Health and the Environmental Protection Division.   It was a very productive meeting and I could not be more proud of our Task Force.  The knowledge and expertise that our group has amassed over the past 10 months is overwhelming.  One item that we will need to address as a community is the State Health Report that will be presented in draft form to us in the coming weeks.  The DOH assures us that we will be able to make public comment on this before it is put in final form.  It will be imperative that we make our voices heard because this report is very likely to have many errors.  We must also keep the pressure on the DOH to follow our community on a long term basis due to the long term physical maladies that can occur due to persistent chemical exposure over a three month period.  Needless to say, I will keep you informed.

On a lighter note, my children now think I am cool because I am on You Tube.  Evidently, The Citizen Newspaper now has video included on their website of various reports.   Ben Nelms wrote an article regarding the Westmoreland Town Hall meeting - I will copy it to this email and the video as well.  However, as you will see there is nothing cool about any of this.

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