Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A Delay

> Good Morning Neighbor:
> I was served a document yesterday confirming a delay in my
> appearance for a deposition. On one hand, I breathed a sigh of
> relief and on the other hand I am more than ready to appear if that
> is what will kick start this case. It is obvious to me that PSC
> and AMVAC are doing everything they can to deny our community legal
> representation - their fear of the outcome of this case obviously
> runs very deep.
> I have also heard from Jeff Cown of the EPD who reports that the
> signs were changed at PSC due to their enforcement to distinguish
> the different areas of the plant. He also reports that they still
> have the State Permit and the EPD is overseeing cleanup and
> decontamination of the tanks that are no longer in use (we have
> been waiting for confirmation of this for a while).
> I cannot thank you all enough for your encouraging emails - your
> love and support is absolutely what sustains this community.
> Your Neighbor,
> Connie

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