Monday, November 24, 2008

Government Now Says it is True

Good Morning Neighbor:

This was a topic of our last Town Hall Meeting - we have the need for the government to validate pesticide poisoning of our Gulf War Veterans and here it is!!

This is exactly why we should not lose hope that one day we will be validated as well!!

With regard to the class action case, I need each of you who live in our local community of South Fulton and Fayette to email April Butler - Vice Chair of the Task Force.  April is creating an Excel Sheet so that she can keep everyone up to date on the case.  Her email is .
My email list has grown way past the local community and we need to separate this out.  So please email April with your email address and any questions you may have about the case.  I know many of us have yet to receive letters.

We have much to give thanks for this week,  our community continues to be one of strength and one of truth!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Your neighbor,


Connie Thomas Biemiller, Chair
South Fulton and Fayette Community Task Force
Environmental Institute of Georgia
P.O. Box 280
Fairburn, Georgia 30213
770-314-6999 Mobile

As Margaret Mead once said:

Never underestimate the power of a few committed people to change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

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