Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Community Fishing Event

Good Morning Neighbor:

First off, let me say how much I enjoyed seeing everyone at the Town Hall Meeting.  I did not get to stay long because my son was in a Sandy Creek performance.  However, I stayed long enough to know that many of you have not received a letter even though you live in the class action area.  The attorneys are aware of this and are checking to see why all the letters have not gone out.  If you have questions about the meeting, please contact April Butler at aprilb326@bellsouth.net or Cathy Strong at tara@gr8photo.com .  April and Cathy are Task Force members who ran the Town Hall Meeting and will help you as best they can with relaying information from the meeting.  We plan to have a follow up meeting in the near future.

Also, I am attaching a flyer for a Free Fishing Event this Saturday at the Fairburn Preserve.  We need to catch as many fish as possible - this pond is to be drained for land mitigation so come and catch as many as you can!!!!  Fishing poles and bait will be provided for those who do not have equipment on hand.  

Your neighbor,


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