Friday, July 11, 2008

You and I are just a dollar figure!!!

Good Morning Neighbor:

I am enraged at the article below printed in the AJC today.  The Environmental Protection Agency has put a literal dollar value on our life - once again giving corporations and the government another way out of valuing human life.  We are now worth a whole lot less!!!  At this point, I beg you to look beyond politics and send me to the Capitol - we must demand change - we must make sure that our State Environmental Protection Division doesn't follow this cost analysis of human life.  I am including an email flyer below for you to email to everyone you know - we must get out and vote July 15!!!!!

On a brighter note, the EPD informed me yesterday that the closing plan for the solidification pit at the Philip Services Corporation was approved July 3rd so our Task Force will be asking for specific sampling etc. during this process.  (Of course with our lives worth a whole lot less - I wonder if it will even be economical for the EPD to do so).

I know that there are others all across our State who are awakening to the insanity.  And those that have not awakened should go with me today to visit our dear, dear neighbor Clare Hindman who is now on a feeding tube - her life means more to us than anyone will ever know and the reason why this fight will never stop!!!

Your neighbor,


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