Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Quarry, The Bees and The Coal Plant

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Well, I had the privilege yesterday of going with our South Fulton Neighbors for Change group to visit the Red Oak quarry and witness a blast.  It was a sight I will never forget - the side of a cliff leveled within seconds.  The dust was unbelievable - there was no way to contain it as it billowed into the neighborhoods.  Now I completely understand how our neighbors are finding their yards and cars covered in dust.  You could look through the trees atop of the quarry cliffs and see homes built within yards of this operation.  Shame on Georgia, once again for not thinking about the well being of its citizens and allowing neighborhoods to be built adjacent to facilities that have the potential for harm.  I point blank asked the managers - do you ever go to the zoning boards and ask that these neighborhoods not be built near you - they said no but they would if asked.  I do think the new owners of the quarry want to be good neighbors and I think some immediate change in this situation is very, very likely.  Neighbors for Change let them know that they have purchased a monster and that the citizens were not going anywhere!!  

I have posted two articles for your perusal, one is about Bees.  As many of you may remember, the loss of one our neighbor's long time Bee colonies was a major red flag in the PSC incident.  There has now been such a large loss of Bees worldwide that the research is becoming more specific.  And, it is proving to be the direct linkage with pesticides and the lowering of the immune system that is killing the bee population.  The very thing our community of human beings suffer from to this day. 

The second article I am posting is a first in Georgia - a coal plant was denied an air permit by a judge due to levels of emissions that could be harmful to the community!!!  Wow!!  This is uncharted territory for Georgia and I am thrilled to see it happening - our well being is taken into account - we are more than a financial equation!!

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