Monday, June 04, 2007

Home from Chicago

> Good Morning Neighbor:
> April and I have returned with more information than can be spelled
> out in one email. We made great contacts with Ph.D.s from Johns-
> Hopkins, Berkley etc.... It was so wonderful to see and hear
> others around the country who so understood our plight and are
> willing to do the research with regard to pesticide exposure as
> well as petitioning our government to do the right thing!!!
> We also received great news while in Chicago that the Class Action
> attorneys successfully filed for class certification on May 31,
> 2007. As soon as the judge certifies the class, the attorneys can
> begin to speak with all of us directly through emails etc.... I
> know for all of us that cannot happen too soon.
> I am thrilled to be back and ready to begin diligently working with
> our Task Force this week to pull together our formal rebuttal of
> the State Health Report.
> Your neighbor,
> Connie

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