Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Community Email - D.C. Bound

Good Afternoon Neighbor:

I have missed writing to you all.  I have had multiple computer problems and I must thank my 22 year old daughter for letting me use her old computer and my 18 year old son for transferring everything so I could finally write again.  

I will be heading to Washington D.C. in the coming week to formally propose the National Clearing House for Chemical Emergencies - it is vital that this be immediately set into place.  Not only will this remedy many of the problems we have seen with no lateral leadership in the Gulf Oil Disaster but it will immediately help communities across this nation.  Our neighbors in Athens suffered a chemical crisis just this past weekend - see the article below.  Much of this crisis could have been prevented had there been a central Chemical Emergencies number that guided responders, industry and community through this tragedy in an immediate fashion.  I was blessed to have spoken to this community yesterday to help them with next steps towards their recovery from this tragic event.  As good as it feels to be of service, a community should not have to try to find me and other activists for assistance when in such a crisis.

I have also had the pleasure to help mentor a young mother (Kindra Arnesen) who has stepped forward in Venice, Louisiana now advocating for her community's safety in the Gulf Oil Disaster - please watch this powerful video.  It was difficult for me to view because it brought back all of the heartache in our own disaster in 2006.  I hope to find out more details with regard to this disaster while in D.C. as well.  

Lastly, I want to encourage anyone who is on Facebook to join a group I have created there called Environmental Neighbor.  It is very easy to post the latest news on this site along with having the ability to hear from you as well.

Your neighbor who is thankful for technology, 


Connie Biemiller Thomas

As Margaret Mead once said:

Never underestimate a few committed people to change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. 

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