Thursday, April 30, 2009

PSC update

Good Morning Neighbor:

Please see the email below with regard to the PSC settlement.  

Also, there has been great news with regard to the rescinding of prior Heath Assessments such as the one given to our community - see the article below with regard to the poisoning at Camp Lejeune.  The ATSDR is now admitting to using flawed information.  It is up to our community to make sure that the same is done for us.  We absolutely know that our community was not truly documented - not one person was ever seen or interviewed by the ATSDR so how could they have ever even generated a report.

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From: "Scott Zahler" <>
Date: April 29, 2009 9:51:36 AM EDT
To: "'Connie Thomas Biemiller'" <>
Subject: RE: PSC

The Final Fairness Hearing was moved back by the Court to June 1st  due to moving back the claims deadline which moved the schedule back.  If the Court gives final approvement of the settlement during that hearing, settlement payments will be sent 45 days after that.   Thanks
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