Friday, December 05, 2008

My Comments and Attorney Info.

Good Morning Neighbor:

I was so glad to see so many at the meeting last night.  I thought with the Attorneys there and Dr. Speaker to answer questions it was very productive.  Something I think is vital for everyone to realize that I spoke to last night is that this lawsuit totally shows admission by PSC that they exposed us to a chemical from June 20 to August 15.  I think it is evil "not a word I use unless I really feel it" that PSC is able to admit exposure but only get sued for loss of use of property and by doing so we as a community have to sign a document that never allows them to be sued for health damages to us between the days of June 20 and August 15.  The legal system is allowing this company to literally get away with murder and it is wrong to the depths of my soul and I will never sign a legal document that allows them to get away with this atrocity.   

As the results filter out of the federal government's admission to the pesticide poisoning of it veterans and their varying illnesses,  I am extremely hopeful that in the next few years that we will bring about another lawsuit against PSC with the inclusion of May through August so that those who do participate in this lawsuit might be able take part in one that may happen in the future.  

I am including an email from April Butler below which has the documents needed from the lawyers.  Please know that if you choose to participate in this lawsuit there will never be any judgement coming from me.  I absolutely realize that we all have our own life circumstances etc...  and I love our community dearly.  The most important thing is that we keep fighting this fight TOGETHER!!!!

Your neighbor,




Please see attached information.


Please tell everyone that when you send the form to keep a copy of "everything" that they send and also send it certified return receipt or some form of proof of mailing.



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