Thursday, July 12, 2007

At the Four Way Stop Today

> Good Morning Neighbor:
> Reminder - Come by the Four Way Stop at Bethany United Methodist
> Church beginning at 4pm. We have printed a 1000 flyers regarding
> the Town Hall meeting next Thursday so come by and pick some up to
> put out in your neighborhood. Also, you can sign the petition as
> well and take one to have your neighbors sign.
> Media will be covering this event today and next Thursday so please
> come and show a strong visible sign of support. The media must
> know that our community was not lying about what happened last
> summer and we refuse to allow the State to act as if we were just
> inconvenienced by a smell!!!!!!!! State laws must change so that
> the citizens are truly protected with ACTION rather than the
> "Appearance of Action by Validating our Concerns". The ACTION we
> are taking today is the very action that the Department of Health
> should be doing and are paid to do. We truly want to know how many
> of our citizens are still sick and what we can do to make a
> positive difference for their future.
> I look forward to seeing you out there,
> Connie

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