Thursday, October 12, 2006

Westmoreland & McGraw Debate

Good Morning Neighbor:

Well, I had a late night last night but an interesting one for sure!!! I am still stunned this morning as to what took place last night between Westmoreland and McGraw.

A question came up about integrity and care for the citizens. Westmoreland went into how he lives in Newnan and cares greatly for people - McGraw shot back in response that he could not understand why he had not done anything to help over 750 citizens who have been harmed by toxins in the air from a local corporation - Westmoreland shot back "you have been reading the Fayette Citizen too much" then not a word was uttered from Westmoreland about our situation - not one response with regard to the care of his people!!!

To me - it is all too scary to see someone in power who is so detached!! Our plight is not Democrat or Republican - our plight is called Illness and possible Early Death!!!

Let us make this known at our upcoming Rally - Our Voices Will Be Heard!!!!!!

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